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The music he wrote was so intense and powerful, 

I can feel the passion behind it and fall in love instantly...

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Raul E Blanco & Jazz Wires produce a unique sound, hard to duplicate

Jazz Wires Ingredients:

  • - Smooth jazz
  • - Mathematical physics
  • - College party spirit
  • - American chill
  • - Cuban fire

Each player brings a specific element from their personalities and cultural backgrounds that can be directly tasted in the music. 

...but no matter how different they are, when they join, the chemistry is exquisite.

Noah Austin: trumpet

Gabriela Aragon: trombone & vocals

Brandt Fisher: saxophone

Anthony Channita: drums

Joe Ballestrasse: bass

Raul E Blanco: piano, vocals, mixing & master (director)

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Inside the World of "Brutal Fairytale"

The Music

During the 3rd semester of my master's degree at Washington State University (Fall 2018), I was already thinking on recording a 3rd album with Jazz Wires. Our 2nd album "Land of Giants" had just been released, so I needed a batch of new songs. 

 In that spirit, I went into creative mode again and started writing new tunes. I wanted to record by the end of the year, so I only had a couple of months. I didn't have the tunes, but I already had the name of the album.

 Months before that, one day at a rehearsal, I asked the guys a random name for a possible future album. Soon, Anthony pulled up his phone and searched for a random word generator. The very first combination of words was "brutal fairytale". When I heard that, I knew I had a challenge in front of me, and I accepted without hesitation. 

One by one, I started receiving the inspiration for each tune. Some of them were inspired by stories of fantasy and romance.

 By December I already had 9 tunes. Noah, Anthony and Joe, also wrote 2 tunes for the project. So, we went to the studio and recorded the music. Along the way, I started creating new stories for the other songs. 

That way, when we finished the recording, I knew I needed to take a step further and represent those stories in a visual way. That's when I decided to make music videos for some of them.

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The Artwork

The artwork of this album is inspired in the video of the main song "Brutal Fairytale" which was one of the most ambitious projects the band has taken.

The quill and the book are inspired by the conection of storytelling and music. Sometimes a melody has more power than a thousand words.

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The Story of Brutal Fairytale Video

This is the story of a girl who falls in love, but is trapped later into a mind game. She tries to escape from hes captor's mansion, but his influence makes something totally different out of her. 

This girl gave up her choice to write her own story... she fell in love and that love made her blind, then she lost her sense of identity and inner purpose. She gave up her dreams and ilusions. 

I wanted to show in this video how the bad influences derail us from our path when we fall under their charm.

Filming this video was very fun .... In the Spring of 2019 we started the efforts of filming videos for the songs Brutal Fairytale and The Hermit. Part of Brutal Fairytale was filmed at the Clock Tower Theatre Bryan Hall, at WSU. 

There we had our main characters Gabbie and James, and the rest of Jazz Wires film the scene of the marionettes. The costumes we used were really fun. We spent the whole night filming and having fun.

I was fascinated with the beauty of the northern snow (something new for a Cuban boy like me), so, my videos needed to have scenes in the snow. 

 We also filmed in a Victorian mansion at the town of Colfax, Washington. The place was hauntingly magical. 

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Album Concept

I became fascinated with the idea of "storytelling in music". 

I had the idea of making this album like a big collection of stories and make a big "Brutal Fairytale". 

The music itself is very colorful and dramatic, so, I wanted to have stories for the songs.

The message I want to take accross to the listeners is the oportunity that we all have to write our own story in our lives.

Just like the girl from Brutal Fairytale gave up her right to write her story, we can make a difference in our destiny if we just step up and act.

That's why I wrote this in the album's inside booklet...

Songs Stories


This song travels back to the begining of time, where the Earth was new and humanity was getting to know themselves.

There was a tribe (representing mankind) that had prided themselves in everything they had. They abused their power, that's why they were lost in time and were captured. 

This story connects with Brutal Fairytale because some of those men become servants of the transformed girl.

However, the spirit of the song Origins is more vibrant and heartfelt, because it is actually a call to all those who were lost. They hear the voice and the only way for them to go back is to "look into themselves" and find what was lost inside them, and find the way back home.

"Spanish Tale in Arabia" the story of a love lost in time. 

A Spanish knight sworn his live to a beautiful princess of the desert. He has returned from the battle and now his heart can feel her eyes in the distance waiting for him.

It is said that the knight and the princess have been lovers since the begining of time and they were part of the lost tribe. 

Once again their souls join, overcoming ages of distance. 

The Hermit the story of a lonely man who lost everything he had in the past. Now the only things that keep him going are the day to day. Simple little things that make his whole world.

Every night he sits near the fireplace, watching old photographs and revolving into memories of a past time.

The "Wooden House" is his home in the woods, at the top of a snowy mountain.

Digital Memory reminds us the begining of the digital age. Those video games and their music, the computers and their hype. 

Back then it was the new and shiny for a generation, but now it's decades ago, and thinking about it makes us nostalgic.

Take your ink & quill and start writing your own story!

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Track List

1 Brutal Fairytale

2 Spanish Tale in Arabia

3 Digital Memory

4 Garjavan

5 Origins

6 Fireplace

7 Hermit's Song

8 Wooden House

9 Lo-Fi Banger

10 Traces of You

11 The Blick

12 Ska-Monk

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  • Every song has something highly memorable about it.

About Raul E Blanco

From the Caribbean island of Cuba... ​ Raul E Blanco combines different styles of jazz, pop, classical, rock, and world music in a groovy, easy-listening, yet thoughtful way that inspires and impresses anyone who listens. Raul delivers so much passion and elegance on each piece, his fans describe it as "music that opens your horizons and makes you feel calm, peaceful and excited, all at once." You can listen to him and get introspective, contemplative, happy, or energetic, but you always feel "better afterwards." His music is conducive to many moods. His compositions are evocative like there's always a story behind. You can hear love, fantasy, romance, spiciness, nostalgia, mystery and heroic themes. His exciting band "Jazz Wires" is a rush of energy and talent fused with high levels of creativity. Raul's music has a universal touch that connects with any kind of audience. This is what makes his live shows so engaging and attractive for the listener. ​

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